Life is a beautiful thing

Life is an incredible journey. Mine has seen some devastating losses. Agonizing and painful. But I've enjoyed wonderful relationships, experienced overwhelming joy, and tremendous achievements too. Incredible travel, family, friendships and connection, and personal growth as well.

Way back in 1975 at 18, my mom got me involved with Amway. LOL! I wasn't even interested. But that little peek at another way to earn a living was instrumental in opening my mind (if only a little bit). However, I was too young and immature to do anything about it at that point.

Much later, I had married and had a sweet daughter, Ava. I worked a few jobs as full-time as a metal fabricator, building race cars, making mountain bikes. even selling Ducatis. It's been a while, and I can't remember who. But a friend introduced me to network marketing again, and I liked what I saw. So, I jumped in and began developing myself and thinking differently.

I managed to build a small team and had fun helping others, going to events, and overcoming the challenges along the way. Over the years since then, I've been with far too many companies and haven't ever really earned enough money. But the takeaway is that I was always learning.

We can learn a lot from our failures—more than from our successes.

I eventually got involved with top-tier (or high ticket) sales. I liked the theory of selling fewer products/services or whatever for a higher price, which allowed me to earn more money. I made sales at the highest level, but those I was selling to weren't making sales. That bothered me a lot. It felt unethical. "Scammy." They paid me. Great! But no matter what, they failed and went nowhere with their new business.

So, I gave that up and moved on to what I believe is the best of all: Affiliate Marketing.

Through all these years, I learned that whether, with network marketing (MLM), top-tier, or any other business model, it's super important that others can duplicate my successes and hopefully even exceed them.

That brings us to the here and now.

It's my goal to help as many as I possibly can to create future financial success and excel in this biz.

I have to assume you're looking for more out of life.

Maybe you want or need to increase your income?

I'd like to help you create that.

Suppose this sounds to you like we might be a fit. In that case, I encourage you to look around. Right here on my business hub, you can get access to free training to get you started, the all-important mindset which is your foundation for success, and advanced training covering that's essential to succeed as a professional entrepreneur with Affiliate Marketing. Whether it's training to get traffic, copywriting, complete DFY funnels with follow-up, or tools that help get you to the other side faster with a higher profit margin.

It's all right here.

It doesn't matter if you're just starting or you've been at this for years.

We've put together the pieces that allow anybody to learn step by step and create a wildly successful income-producing machine. We've got simple setups and complete full-blown systems that make it much easier to drive sales and scale them to achieve whatever goals you have or can imagine.

Join us, Johnacus, and fight for your freedom.

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