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Entrepreneurial Mindset Infographic by Johnacus.com

What is an entrepreneurial mindset?

An entrepreneurial mindset is a set of skills that enables us to identify and make the most of opportunities, overcome and learn from setbacks, and succeed in various settings. The descriptions on the infographic were adapted from the framework developed by the global educational nonprofit Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE).

Critical Thinking - the capacity to apply higher-level, process-oriented thinking, consider an issue from various perspectives and use that reasoning to make decisions.

Flexibility and Adaptability - the ability and willingness to change actions and plans to overcome present and future challenges.

Communication and Collaboration - the ability to clearly express ideas to an intended audience, including persuading others to work towards a common goal.

Comfort With Risk - the capacity to move forward with a decision despite inevitable uncertainty and challenges.

Initiative and Self-Reliance - the power to take ownership of a project without input or guidance and work through obstacles independently.

Future Orientation - an optimistic disposition focusing on obtaining the skills and knowledge required to transition into a career.

Opportunity Recognition - the practice of seeing and experiencing problems as opportunities to create solutions.

Creativity and Innovation - the ability to think of ideas and create solutions to problems without clearly defined structures.