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Ten Reasons Why We Should Learn From Spartacus by Johnacus.com

Spartacus was a slave-turned gladiator who managed to earn his freedom, only to return and lead thousands of his fellow slaves in the historic Third Servile War against the might of the Roman Republic. His story has been told in hundreds of books, movies, and TV shows over the years, but perhaps it’s time we took another look at this figure and learned from his inspirational story.

Here are ten reasons you should take inspiration from Spartacus and learn how to achieve your own freedom and wealth through passive income:

He rose from being a slave to becoming a General.

In 73 BC, when Rome was conquering its way toward the dominance of Italy, a Thracian (from modern Bulgaria) named Spartacus led a rebellion of enslaved people against their Roman masters. In a series of hard-fought battles against legions under Marcus Licinius Crassus and Lucius Gellius Publicola, he held out for two years in southern Italy. Though he eventually was defeated, he and his followers remained free for some time longer.

He made his army.

Before even arriving on Roman soil, Spartacus was recruiting Roman enslaved people to his cause. These enslaved people had been mistreated by their masters, and many felt that they would have nothing left to lose with their freedom. So, when Spartacus offered them a better way of life—complete with food, clothing, and military training—they were quick to join his cause.

He lived his life on his terms.

Not only did he not have a boss, but he didn’t have to worry about paying his bills (since there was no rent or mortgage to pay). And he had freedom in his lifestyle. He and his fellow gladiators could travel where they wanted and fight who they wanted. They lived their lives on their terms.

He led a rebellion against the Roman Empire.

Significant slave revolts marked the uprising known as The Third Servile War in many regions of Italy against Rome. These revolts were suppressed, and some enslaved people who were captured were crucified. Thus, until 73 BC, a full-scale revolt broke out close to Rome itself. This rebellion was led by Marcus Licinius Crassus (son of famous Roman politician Licinius Crassus) and his former slave, rebel gladiator turned rebel commander, Spartacus.

He became successful through planning.

At first, things don’t look so good for Spartacus. He takes a stand against Rome and leads his people in revolt but soon realizes he has bitten off more than he can chew. During his pursuit by Roman legions, two of his men denounce him in exchange for their freedom. Fortunately, one of them switches sides again after hearing from Spartacus himself.

He didn’t give up, even when things were going badly.

When Spartacus realized that things weren’t working, he didn’t give up. It was easy to throw in the towel and go home, but instead, he kept thinking of ways to overcome their struggles. If you want to be successful in life, you can’t just settle for what’s happening now—you have to keep thinking of how to improve your situation. When things are tough, don’t give up; think of new ways to deal with it all.

His strategy was guerrilla warfare and stealth attacks.

Spartacus could outmaneuver and outsmart his oppressors due to his careful planning. I’ve always been a fan of guerrilla marketing, so if you want to be successful online, there are few better role models than Spartacus. At times, it seemed as though he had an unlimited number of troops—so long as enslaved people were available, he had recruits. In other words, he created an eternal army.

Take responsibility for your life now.

It’s tempting to wait for a big promotion or for someone else to be in charge of your future, but one day you may wake up and realize that freedom, wealth, and passive income are all within your grasp. Sure, you have bills that need paying, kids who depend on you, and dreams that have yet to come true. But with a few strategic decisions, a little hard work, and some patience, you can find yourself living in luxurious financial independence—all while supporting causes important to you.

Work on yourself before you work on others.

Most historical figures have one thing in common – they all focused on developing themselves before working on others. They all knew that if you master yourself, you’ll be able to help others more effectively and efficiently. We can learn a lot from Roman gladiator and rebel leader Spartacus, who utilized patience and focus before unleashing wrath on those who stood in his way of freedom and wealth.

Be always striving towards freedom and wealth.

Spartacus was an enslaved person who rebelled against his captors and began his society where he preached freedom, wealth, and passive income. Many of us today are slaves to our corporations and bosses. If you feel enslaved by your job, then maybe it’s time to take inspiration from Spartacus and make a change in your life!

"There is always a choice."

- Spartacus