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Why Johnacus? by Johnacus.com

Spartacus was an actual historical figure, who in 73 BC, led the most significant slave rebellion ever recorded in history. He wasn't just fighting for his freedom, though – he was fighting for the freedom of all enslaved people everywhere to be treated like human beings and not the property of their owners. During his life, Spartacus was feared by the corrupt Roman senate, who considered him and his followers to be a significant threat to the Republic. One of the most inspiring leaders we have ever known. He showed that you could change the world with your actions, even from humble beginnings, as he started as a gladiator in ancient Rome before becoming famous around the world as one of history's most famous rebels and leaders.

"Johnacus" (/dʒɒn/ ə kəs, John·a·cus) is a combination of my given name, John and Spartacus. It was also my pet name growing up.

I'm inspired by the historical figure Spartacus because he demonstrated that freedom and wealth are more obtainable than most people believe.

Johnacus: John·a·cus, /dʒɒn/ ə kəs