Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy that rewards affiliates financially for sending customers to another website to purchase goods or services. It's a complex and multidisciplinary practice. You can earn through affiliate marketing if you have online properties, e.g., blogs, websites.

Watch a free training webinar from Vick Strizheus, the founder of Four Percent Group, on "How to Create & Launch a Wildly Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business in 30 Days, and Make $5,000(Or a whole lot more), Step-by-Step!"

Are you searching for a strategy to earn money online? 

Are you looking for an online system (with your website) to supplement your retirement or your current job?

Do you desire to augment your current income with a passive one that will help you do what, when and how you want?

We'll show you your way to financial freedom, and you can start for free!

Affiliate Marketing Academy (AMA) is the most respected and reputable all-inclusive platform for creating and growing online businesses. AMA has everything you need under one platform.

Have you been burned by "Get Rich Quick" schemes?

Are you looking for something real instead of wasting your time and money?  

Are you ready to put in time and effort but don't know where to start?

Do you want reliable, 24/7 support from a community of experts and easy-to-use website-building tools?

You've come to the right site!

With Affiliate Marketing Academy, you'll learn to make real money online – even as a beginner. It's the only blueprint you need!

AMA is the leading all-in-one online business training platform. The Affiliate Marketing Academy course is one of many different products Vick Strizheus and the Four Percent Group offer.

The course seeks to equip you with a strategy to discover products to promote, learn how to market them to interested consumers, and then scale your operations. The course provides access to a library of training content, support to answer your questions, and a private community.

The content covers (they are constantly adding more):

The mindset you need to succeed with this model,

What you need before you begin: the fundamentals of operating an online affiliate marketing business,

How to find the soundest affiliate marketing opportunities or high-demand products: product research and selection,

How to set yourself apart from competitors, giving you higher chances of success,

How to communicate with your audience,

How to build different income streams,

How to use diverse marketing channels to drive customer referrals,

What tactics to employ to improve your conversions, and

An overview of the skills you need to succeed.

As you can see, AMA seeks to provide you with a system to discover products to promote, know how to market them to interested buyers, and then scale your operations.

The Affiliate Marketing Academy's training downside is not a get-rich-quick method. The process taught here is building a solid foundation and growing your website using proven techniques, but it does take time! You must put in time and effort, so the drawback is you have to be patient! 99% of programs that proclaim that their strategy will make you rich in a short period are scams!


12 Months FREE!

Create your own beautiful "home" on the internet with the coolest website builder in the world! ESTAGE enables you to create stunning websites, marketing & sales funnels, or even a full-blown world-class brand online without writing a single line of code. It's beautiful and works like magic!"

Express yourself creatively, build something beautiful and make an impact."

(VALUE: $3,564)


for Affiliate Marketing

A complete look-over-the-shoulder implementation system on how to create and launch a profitable affiliate marketing business in 30 days. Zero stress. Follow the step-by-step guide Vick walks you through, and you'll be up and running fast!

(VALUE: $1,997)


12 Months FREE!

A private network with the best products and offers that people already want to buy now. The network is unique because every offer comes with a done-for-you, high-converting sales funnel created by some top marketers that you can tap into and promote! It's very exclusive.

(VALUE: $1,164)


Advanced Affiliate Marketing coaching with Vick on scaling beyond $100,000 per month and building an exciting affiliate-based company that you could even sell one day (think Complete step-by-step hub creation. Next-level strategies for expanding your affiliate marketing business!

(VALUE: $2,997)


Unlock the secrets for opening the floodgates of laser-targeted traffic to your website, product, or offer. This is Vick's traffic playbook on how and where he gets his massive traffic. Internet Traffic Academy is the only course you'll ever need on traffic generation because you'll learn the "language of traffic."

(VALUE: $1,997)




Done-For-You Marketing Funnels

These are entirely Done-For-You marketing & selling systems created to sell different products on your behalf 24/7/365! Just send traffic and let the system do all the "heavy lifting" for you: converting traffic into leads and sales and ultimately getting you paid!

(VALUE: $10,000)


List Building Mastery

Ever heard the saying "the money is in the list"? List Building Mastery shows you how to turn cold visitors into hot subscribers and build a giant, hyper-responsive email list of subscribers who want to buy from you.

(VALUE: $10,000)


Copywriting & Communication Mastery

Imagine having a "super-power" that makes you magnetic and irresistible to your perfect customers! Copywriting & Communication Mastery teaches you advanced skills that make you compelling in the marketplace.

(VALUE: $997)


Conversion Mastery

You'll learn the hidden secrets only the top 1% of "gurus" know: how to quickly and easily turn your leads into sales and customers like a pro. You'll learn how to "sell without selling" and have people beg you to take their money. WARNING: Only use this for selling the good stuff!

(VALUE: $997)


Tribe Building Mastery

Amateurs sell, but professionals build tribes. In this master course, you'll learn how to create a movement around your passion, product, or idea. Vick pulls back the curtain and shows you exactly how he's built teams of over 200,000 people promoting other products. Ultimately, he made Four Percent with over 300,000 members, rapidly multiplying!

(VALUE: $997)

Get started and have immediate access to the entire system outlined above: quick access to Estage and comprehensive and in-depth training sessions. Apply everything, put this system to the test, and even get results.

If you don't think this was one of the most brilliant business decisions you've made (or for any other reason), let them know within thirty days, and they'll give you 100% of your money back. Fair enough? Now, pick your best plan option above, and let's get to work!

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